Inspiration Behind Return of the Clonsayee

Elaine Bassett The Return of the Clonsayee, the second ebook installment in The Xidoran Prophecy series, will be available soon on the websites posted on my webpage. Your continued loyalty and interest in the series is appreciated! Thank you. 
The inspiration for writing Return of the Clonsayee began with extraordinary creatures that I daydreamed and dreamt about as I was growing up. Many of the creatures Charles meets on his adventures throughout the series were created in my young imagination. Some of my first drawings and stories became the catalyst I needed to create the amazing animals Charles finds throughout The Xidoran Prophecy series.

Drawing and story weaving were my favorite activities when I was a young child. My family encouraged me to draw as soon as I could hold a pencil. My grandparents had table drawers filled with paper, pencils, crayons, markers, unusual small objects and tape that I used to create imaginative drawings and mixed media art. They also had boxes, ribbon, fabric, yarn and other things for my own personal stash that I used to create my imaginative sculptures. Each creation had its own story to go along with it. One of my first sculptures, and favorite stories that I told, was of a purple magical horse. This magical creature was found time and again in the different stories that I told as a child. I still can remember many of the unusual creations and wild stories that I had made up from my childhood. Each one was special to me for different reasons.

My mother and father's families often told stories about horse racing. One set of grandparents would plan vacations around visiting different racetracks to watch the horses run. They always returned with colorful stories that I would overhear while under the kitchen table, as they played bridge and other card games with neighbors or friends. I often read the racing programs they brought back. I laughed and marveled at the creative horse names.

During the summer when I was four years old, my grandparents took me along on their vacation. We went to Raton, New Mexico's La Mesa Park. I remember the long car ride and flashes of images along the way. My grandparents would point out homesteads that were long forgotten, prairie dogs that would pop up on the side of the road or oil wells that were pumping the crude out of the ground. We ate at a restaurant called the Oasis. The interesting mural on the wall captivated my imagination. I remember the horse racing grounds and watching the jockeys ride their horses around the racetrack as I watched through binoculars. I had fun cheering them on. I also have interesting memories about the people who sat in the section with my family and me. The children at the racetrack often ran around the bleachers collecting discarded tickets. They would try to discover if someone had accidentally dropped a winning ticket by mistake. I actually witnessed a boy finding a winning ticket! Some of the people I saw on that vacation made a lasting impression on my young mind.

The other set of grandparents had siblings that owned winning racehorses. I heard stories from my great aunt at different times in my life about her brother's racehorses and their wild lifestyle on the fast track. When my great aunt died some of the pictures of their horses were found. I included them for you to see on this page.

It wasn't only the racehorses that intrigued and inspired me. My cousin and I often fed the horses in his grandparents’ neighbor's yard. My mother took me several times horseback riding at The Historic Benjamin Ranch in Kansas City. Unfortunately it is no longer there; it closed in December of 2013. My grandma took me several times to The American Royal to see the horses. I've been to my fair share of rodeos and equine competitions in different states. When I was in college, I went horseback riding several times with a friend of mine on her parent's farm. After a long day of riding, we would return to a cookout with her family. Afterwards we would roast marshmallows around a bonfire. It was a lot of fun!

From these experiences and others, I created the clonsayees that are in my manuscripts. They are special creatures that came to life in some of my earliest stories that I shared with my family and friends. I've decided to revisit and rework some of those old childhood stories and tell them once again in my fantasy novels. I hope that when you read about them in Charles’ adventures, you can imagine just how magnificent and mysterious they are. Happy Sojourning!

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