Return of the Clonsayee - Synopsis

Return of the Clonsayee Elaine Bassett

Charles Brookfield was granted an opportunity of a lifetime by the Sojourner government.

He now spends his high school years on the Jones' farm as an ordinary teen by helping out, doing chores and exploring the farm.

One day while doing chores, Charles overhears his grandfather mention that ancient artifacts have recently been discovered near an area that overlooks their property. He decides to take Caroline on an adventure to investigate the dig site.

While the couple is observing the excavation, a sacred stone sculpture is unearthed. Charles recognizes the mysterious object as an image that he has seen before depicted on the walls of a cave that is located nearby.

Two years before the excavation, Charles and his friend Pete had spelunked with his grandfather and Pete's father in that particular cave. At that time his grandfather commented that the drawings happened to be the reason his family originally purchased the farmland. To Carson's knowledge the cave had never been explored past a certain point for reasons unexplained to him. Charles remembered an incident in particular that happened the last time they were at that juncture. His grandfather mentioned several old legends that were handed down about strange occurrences that had taken place in the caves.

Now that Charles has made a connection between the sculpture and the cave, something is telling him that maybe it's time they return to the source. The figure has piqued Charles' curiosity and now he must decide if it might be worth reinvestigating and going deeper into the cave. He wants to know if the mystery of the carved stone can be solved in order to determine its historical connection to the farm. He considers asking his grandfather if they should push forward, exploring deeper into the cave in order to discover what lies beyond the huge columns where the stalactites and stalagmites join together.

In his spare time, Charles continues to travel between two worlds to learn more about the politics on the planet Bridgeiro and what the past has to do with his remarkable destiny. After one of his visits to Bridgeiro, a priceless gift that had at one time belonged to his family is returned.

Unbeknownst to Charles, he must now discover what this gift has to do with Xidoran's Prophecy and the Jones' farm.

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