Carson Jones

Carson Jones is Charles Brookfield's grandfather.  He and his wife Beverly Jones live on an eight hundred acre farm.  Carson is a retired teacher that is also a coin collector (numismatist), a collector of rare books (bibliophile) and a collector of unusual stamps (philatelist).  On Charles' fifteenth birthday he discovered that his beloved Paw Paw and Nana have been keeping a mysterious secret from the world.  This closely guarded secret has been kept hidden by their family for generations in order that history does not repeat itself.  Once Charles learns their secret Carson asks him to keep it from the rest of the family and the world.  Carson knows that if Charles chooses to accept the responsibility that comes with knowing, that the secret will forever change Charles' life in unforeseen ways just as it did his.  He understands that Charles will be forced to grow up in hurry and will be thrust into an entirely new set of circumstances that he will have to adapt to in order to be successful.  He is also aware that it will be his responsibility to mentor Charles and teach him everything he knows about all of the rules that come with discovering their secret or Charles will fail.  

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