Charles Brookfield

On Charles Brookfield’s fifteenth birthday his world is forever changed when he learns that his grandparents have a secret. Once their secret is revealed he learns nothing in his world will ever be the same again. He has to make a decision when he is asked to keep their secret. Charles discovers if he keeps their secret he has to quickly learn to adapt to a new way of life in which things aren’t always what they appear to be.

Caroline Saunders

Charles knew he loved Caroline Saunders from the moment he laid eyes on her at her grandparents Fourth of July picnic. She was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. Besides that she’s the only girl he knew that would be brave enough to pick up a squirming worm. From that moment on he knew she was the only girl for him, but he wasn’t certain she felt the same way about him after a misfortunate incident. Will their grandparent’s put their heads together and try to figured out a way to get them back together again?

Carson Jones

Carson Jones is Charles Brookfield's grandfather.  He and his wife Beverly Jones live on an eight hundred acre farm.  Carson is a retired teacher that is also a coin collector (numismatist), a collector of rare books (bibliophile) and a collector of unusual stamps (philatelist).  On Charles' fifteenth birthday he discovered that his beloved Paw Paw and Nana have been keeping a mysterious secret from the world.  This closely guarded secret has been kept hidden by their family for generations in order that history does not repeat itself.  Once Charles learns their secret Carson asks him to keep it from the rest of the family and the world.  Carson knows that if Charles chooses to accept the responsibility that comes with knowing, that the secret will forever change Charles' life in unforeseen ways just as it did his.  He understands that Charles will be forced to grow up in hurry and will be thrust into an entirely new set of circumstances that he will have to adapt to in order to be successful.  He is also aware that it will be his responsibility to mentor Charles and teach him everything he knows about all of the rules that come with discovering their secret or Charles will fail.  

Beverly Jones

Beverly Jones is Carson Jones' wife and Charles Brookfield's grandma.  Upon moving to the Old Jones' Farm Charles begins to understand that things around the farm aren't quite as simple as they once appeared.  Then when he learns of the complex details of their family secret Charles comes to the realization of just how much knowing the past begins to complicate things.  While he is living on the farm he gains insight into his much loved Nana.  He learns more about the things he already knew about her, for example she is a bee charmer, quilter and used to show horses.  At the same time he also learns there is another mysterious side to Nana's past and that there are things about her that he never knew before.

Joseph Grey

Joseph Grey is an up and coming attorney that works in his family's prestigious law firm.  He is married to his college sweetheart Dolores and together they have a son named Sterling.  On the outside Joseph seems to be living the all american dream.  Then, unexpectedly his father asks him to take on more responsibility putting pressure on their marriage.  Joseph begins to change into someone Dolores doesn't recognize.  The two become estranged from one another.  Everything in Joseph's life is turned upside down after he has an affair that could possibly haunt him.  Will Joseph's double life catch up with him?  

Dolores Grey

To Dolores Grey family means everything.  She grew up in a family that was very close to one another.  Her mother and best friend was a stay at home mom.  Her dad was a well-known Senator until he was mysteriously murdered.  Dolores married Joseph Grey after they graduated from the same college.  She had dreams of following in her dad's footsteps but Joseph had other ideas of her becoming a stay at home mom.  Joseph decides to utilize his wife's talent and volunteers Dolores to help with the campaigns of local politicians that can help his up and coming career.  Through out their marriage Dolores is suspicious that her husband has had numerous affairs but she turns her back and ignores them.  She tries to keep their rocky marriage together for Sterling's sake even though her husband is changing into someone she doesn't recognize right before her eyes.  

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