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Games have served a purpose for society for a very long time. The game industry is a very lucrative business throughout the world; even more so for the businesses in the industry that have been around for generations. Inventors of entertaining and seemingly harmless games have worked tirelessly to research a specific target audience. Then they rely on businesses to market the game in order to sell it to the general public. What if the audience that a manufacturer targeted and marketed to was a secret society that would pass the game down for generations because they had become invested in it?

Granted some games are fads but yet others for some reason seem to withstand the test of time. They become our favorites and we play them over and over again until we grow tired of them and they are placed upon a shelf. What if the game being offered was so multi-layered and diverse that you never grew tired of playing it?

Today more than ever games of all kinds have become prevalent in our homes and are widely accepted within our society. Once the game has been purchased the owner brings the game home anticipating the thrill that will transport him or her to a different scenario from the present. They then seek out others to play the game with them. As always when playing a game the players first learn the rules of the game and then meticulously they set up the game board. Next players select a game piece to represent them within the game. What if the game was so comsuming that the players, if they are not careful, could release their consciousness and submit to the game by becomimg the actual pawn being played based on their own inherent character traits?

If you've ever been invited to a party where games were being played, and whether you were a participant or an observer to the played game, you must have perceived how much excitement a good game can create and how people are drawn into the it. Games can bring out the best and worst in the players playing them. You can tell a lot about a person by watching them play a game. What if the player became the played and the enemies made while playing became real life enemies? Would you risk it and play the game anyway?

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