The Xidoran Prophecy - Sample

Donovan walked through his Passageway. He called out into the hall for Non.

The tall man suddenly appeared at the foot of the steps. “I’m on my way Boss.” He took the stairs three at a time. He entered Donovan’s office and closed the door behind himself.

Donovan asked him to have a seat. “Thank you for getting ahold of me when you did. As you are aware, we need to act quickly to resolve this matter. As usual you have taken the necessary steps to begin the process of extraction. I looked over your recommendations and under normal circumstances I would agree. However, I was thinking something a little more daring and unexpected. I’m thinking of danger and the unimaginable. I’m thinking of pushing the limit and pulling off the greatest jail break in history.”

Non smiled a devious smile, “You’re not talking about…”

“I am.”

Non sat forward in his seat, “If we pull this off, Anjoleah will…”

“I know. That’s the point. They will never see this coming and there is no way for them to track us using this technique.”

“It’s insane. They may not survive.”

Donovan shrugged and frowned. “So, we would have killed them anyway. At least they have a shot at surviving. They can thank you for that. I’d have been done with all of them.” He scowled and pointed a finger gun at the door right as one of his goons entered. “BAM!”

His goon froze, then hurriedly backed up and closed the door.

Non said, “I better get going then. If we are going to pull this off then I have work to do.”

Donovan looked him in the eye. “Don’t fail.”

Non said as he was walking out the door, “Anthony will be a laughing stock after this…”

Donovan reveled in the thought.

Carson stepped through the Passageway first, then Caroline and then Charles. As they made their way past the stalls to the staircase that led to the Hub’s main street Carson pointed out to Caroline different things. They stopped at the mural of the natural Hub at the base of the stairs. Caroline looked at it and leaned forward paying special attention to the creatures that were painted into the unfamiliar landscape.

“What are those?” she asked.

Carson answered, “They are the creatures that inhabited the native environment before man came and cleared what they needed to build in the Hub Metropolis. I suspect they still exist on the other side of the Netherworld’s Eternal Borders.”

She looked over at Charles and pointed. Charles walked over to where she was and looked at the renditions she was pointing at. She said, “How would you describe that?” They briefly played a little game and tried to figure out how to describe the creatures in the paintings.

Carson was amused at their attempted descriptions but said, “We must be moving along. We can research the native wildlife later. I have plenty of drawings back in the office.”

Charles took hold of Caroline’s hand and they made their way down the steps into the street. Caroline looked around at the unusual surroundings. It was dusk and the two moons were beginning to appear to be more prevalent in the night sky.

Caroline pointed them out, “Oh look at that! There are two moons? How can that be? Where are we anyway? I’ve never seen…”

Charles whispered, “Of course you’ve never seen anything like it before. We are in a whole other galaxy.”

Caroline swallowed hard thinking about the realization of his words.

Charles could see the wheels turning and he distracted her, “Come on Paw Paw is getting away from us. We need to keep up.” They made their way down the street.

A set of eyes happened to look over and catch a glimpse of them from the Pod shuttle. As soon as the Pod came to a stop the observer prepared to exit. A crowd had formed to get on the Pod. The mysterious stranger pushed the waiting bystanders back out of the way as he left the Pod. Once clear of the crowd the unknown figure walked briskly to catch up with Charles’ group, curious as to where they might be heading. The unknown man stood in the distance observing them from the shadow that had been cast from the building.

As the small group was being watched, a scuffle between two people escalated causing a commotion near where they were standing. The first Passageway Authorities on the scene made their way through the crowd to break up the disturbance. Sojourners flocked to the area to see what was taking place. The mysterious observer decided it would soon become too crowded when more of the Passageway Authorities arrived, to continue watching. The only way out at this point was to walk down the Hub’s most dangerous dark alleyways, between the maze of buildings. In a split second decision, in order to disappear from the scene of the crime they knew was about to take place, they decided to take the chance and vanish before it was too late.

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