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Ruvinsphere Elaine Bassett

After graduating from high school, Charles Brookfield attends the mysterious Brahmsley University. His college roommate, Josh Van der Heijden, introduces him to a fast-paced Sojourner sport that intrigues Charles from the moment he observes the senior team playing the unusual game. Ruvinsphere is a strategic sport played on a multi-level battlefield. Half of the teams' players utilize specialized flying disks that are designed to fly at incredible speeds and yet take punishment from the opposing players. In order to win, the players must be as creative as their imaginations will allow and be able to endure the physical demands of the game.

Playing the game, learning about teamwork and continuing to discover more about the universe while attending Brahmsley University helps Charles learn some very important life lessons that will be beneficial to him in his quest to complete his apprenticeship for the job of prime minister of Bridgeiro.

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