I'm Excited To Announce Bridgeiro Has Been Released Today!

Elaine Bassett

I'm excited to announce that the fourth book in the Xidoran Prophecy Series has been released today on Amazon's website! It has been a fun day of celebrating with my family! Happy Reading!

Ruvinsphere Is Available Today On Amazon

I'm excited to announce that Ruvinsphere is available today on Amazon! 

The Cover for Ruvinsphere- Revealed

I made the announcement today that the third book in the series will be released in a couple of weeks and the cover of Ruvinsphere was finally revealed!

I would like to thank everyone for coming to my website and reading my posts. I really appreciate your enthusiasm for the series! That means a lot to me. The numbers of readers coming to my blog from around the world continues to steadily grow daily. I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for your interest in this unique series. It is because of that trust that you put in me that I will continue to do my best writing. I recognize that you are ones spreading the word about Charles' adventures and for that- I can't thank you enough! 


I'm very excited today because very soon I will be releasing the next book in the Xidoran Prophecy series!

Author's Thoughts

Sometimes when I am writing, a random thought will come to mind that I would like to share with everyone that comes to my website. So I am considering adding these thougths to the Recent News section of the website.

Today while I was writing, a friend called and asked me to meet for lunch. During our conversation, she asked several questions about the series and I thought her questions were very interesting.

First she asked me, "Will you share with me something about the series that hasn't been shared before?"

I had to think about that for a moment. My response was, "The first book, The Xidoran Prophecy, was originally intended to be a prologue. It is a story that encompasses what the entire series is all about. The reader is supposed to learn through the stories in the series the signifigance of Xidoran's prophecy and what it means to everyone on Earth, and what the antagonist's plans are for the entire universe. Throughout the series, the clues that are in the first book will be revisited. Also it sets up the entire atmosphere of the following manuscripts. In other words, it shows that the characters are real people. They live in the country and they appear to be just like everyone else in rural America. Then the reader gradually learns that they anything but normal."

Then she asked me, "Why did you chose to write your manuscripts in that particular writng style and format?"

My response was, "The reason I decided to write the story the way I did, was because I wanted to create a series that everyone could read. I wanted it to appeal to all ages. In the beginning, I had considered writing a children's version and an adult version. Instead I decided that I could create the same thing by switching back and forth between storylines. The younger reader can choose to just read Charles' storyline and they won't miss out on the adventures in the series. The adult reader can read the entire story. Another thought about writing the series this way was that it would give the reader a different perspective to read only Charles' story by itself and then read the antagonist's story by itself. While Charles is growing up and being groomed for his future role, he won't necessarily have confrontations with Joseph and his family. In this format the reader will be able to experience the antagonist and what is going on in his devious world as Charles is growing up."    

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