It's In The Way You Say You Love Me

"It’s In The Way You Say You Love Me"

Lyrics by Elaine Bassett © 2013


You’re a hard workin’ man

With a fun-lovin’ plan

And when you come home to me

You make my dreams come true

By the sweet things you do

That say I love you


You know just what I need

You don’t mind taking the lead

You’re a man with a plan

Always wearing your weddin’ band

It’s in the way, by the sweet things you do everyday

That say-

I love you


The sweetest love letters

Make a bad day better

It’s just another one of the sweet things you do

That say I love you-


Like holding my hand on our long walks under the stars

And sharing our dreams of flying away to Mars

Seems to me that you understand

That it’s even in the small things you do that go above and beyond to say

I love you-


When you whisper in my ear and call me Dear

The slow passionate kisses that sear after dark

That speaks to my heart that you’ll miss me when we’re apart

It’s the sweet things you do

That make me love you more every day


Believe me when I say it’s in the way you do the sweet things that only you can dooo-

That make me saaaay-

I Love you

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