Ruvinsphere - Book 3

In the third novel of the series Charles attends the mysterious Brahmsley University and is introduced to an intriguing fast-paced sport by his roommate Josh Van der Heijden. Charles is determined to learn how to play the popular game that is steeped in Sojourner tradition.

If he is successful at playing ruvinsphere then the experience that he stands to gain would give him an edge as he continues to learn the life skills that are necessary in order for him to become one of the most influential men in the universe, the Prime Minister of Bridgeiro.


Bridgeiro - Book 4

I'm very excited to announce that the cover for the 4th book of The Xidoran Prophecy Series - Bridgeiro is now completed! Tom Wood is the talented artist that created this spectacular artwork.  He did such a fantastic job that it looks as if the characters from my series could walk right out from the pages of the book! If you have Facebook it would mean a lot to me if you would please take a moment to go to his page, Tom Wood Fantasy Art, and either like the cover or leave him a positive message about the cover. He worked hard on getting every detail perfect. Tom has given me permission to share with everyone that comes to my website the iterations of art that we collaborated on as we created the cover. Over the next couple of days, I will be blogging about the entire process and posting the images for you to see.

See the full size version of the book cover by clicking here.

"Good For You"

Lyrics by Elaine Bassett @ 1989


I know someone like this

Admit it we all do

They want a pat on the back for every deed they do-

Well, good for you


They tell you how wonderful they are

As if they hung the last star in the sky

They won’t quit until you finally submit to their will and see things their way-

Well, good for you


Some people will never be happy for you

No matter what you do

You might as well face the fact

They’ve always got something better to tell you-

Well, good for you


You might as well know it’s all about them right from the start

Even if it smarts and tears your heart apart

They are going to be one up on you through the stories they tell-

Well, good for you


They’re better, stronger, faster and they’ve mastered their life through all kinds of strife

They’re the hero that saved the day in one fell swoop-

Well, good for you


That’s the way I felt about you

I’ve always thought-

Good for you


One day out of the blue you called me up and asked me to meet you out

I said I’d be glad to

What’s this all about

You had some news for me


The sun has always rose and set on you

I’m truly happy for you two

She did me a favor

I probably ought to thank her

Trust me when I say

I’m happy for you both-

Good for you


He just laughed and told me to get over myself

He went on and on about his good news

Never once asked me about myself

Meanwhile, I just listened

What else was there to do

You had no idea what I was even thinking about you

At that moment I realized you never listened, not once

While we were out at lunch

At the place where we always met

Let me set the story straight

Well, once again you missed it

It was written all over my face-

Good for you


You’re a big part of my past

Even though it’s been a while since I saw you last

But when you get a chance to take a good look in the mirror

Remember you made your choice

Mark my words

Someday you’ll get a clue

But until that day comes

All I have to do is smile and say-

Good for you


I’ll keep my unanswered blessings to myself

I’ve got plenty of room to place memories upon my shelf

I’ve come to realize

No matter what I say or do

You’re gonna think this is all about you

Well, what can I say but-

Good for you


The Xidoran Prophecy

The Xidoran Prophecy

In The Xidoran Prophecy story, Charles Brookfield discovers what it is like going from just an ordinary rural farm boy to being thrust into the role as a legacy of a secret society of time travelers. Unbeknownst to Charles, a forgotten prophecy foretold over a century ago about the overtaking of the entire universe begins to come to light. As the details of the sorcerer's prophecy begin to unfold a race against unknown magical forces could possibly affect the future of the entire universe.

The first book in The Xidoran Prophecy series has been released and is available to purchase.  See the Where to Buy section of this website to find out where to get your own copy of The Xidoran Prophecy.
Return of the Clonsayee

Return of the Clonsayee - Book 2

The novel Return of the Clonsayee is the second book in The Xidoran Prophecy series. It spans Charles’ entire high school years. The story picks up where the first book leaves off. It continues on with Charles’ everyday life on the Jones’ farm as an ordinary teen, and weaves in his exploration of other unusual and extraordinary worlds.

Be the first to read the synopsis HERE now!

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