Entitled and Unbridled

"Entitled and Unbridled"

Lyrics by Elaine Bassett © 1998


I’m a mature woman

Honey I’ve seen your kind before

You’re not the first one like you to walk through my man’s door

Girls like you come in flavors a dime a dozen

I don’t give a lick about you

Entitled and unbridled

That’s what I know about you


You think you are due for what I already have

You’ve convinced yourself it’s true-

Girls like you don’t care who you hurt

Entitled and unbridled

That’s what I think about you


I knew something was up the first time I heard about you

Now it’s written all over your face

You leave me no choice but to put you in your place

Entitled and unbridled I’ll show you-

I can tell no one has ever told you before the world doesn’t revolve around you


This ain’t my first time around

I know I’m heaven bound

But just look at you-

Spoiled rotten, swearn’

Standing there tauntn’

I have to tell you it’s not a good look for you-


I heard you the other day

Out on the town with your friends

When your back was turned away

Brag’n that your birthright no matter what happens will see you through

Entitled and unbridled is what they’re saying about you


I know your kind

You don’t play by the rules-

Think’n everyone owes you

You’re entitled and unbridled from what I know about you

This game of yours has gone on way too long

Someone should have done you a favor and told you to get a clue

When your time comes around

And it will-

I won’t feel sorry for you


You’re entitled and unbridled

You think you’re a real gift from above

I know what you’re up to

Let me tell you-

I’ve seen all kinds before

You’re not the first pretty face to sneak through my door

I can spot them a mile away

You’re all rotten to the core

Thinking you’re entitled to what’s mine and not yours

Somethin’ tells me it’s all about the get’n and not the havin’

Because nothing is ever good enough for you-


I’ve thought this over and I’ve got breakin’ news for you

If you think when you leave here all is said and done and we’re through-

I want to remind you we’ve got unfinished business

And you won’t be comin’ around here no more

Trust me when I say-

A mature woman knows the score

And just so you know

You’re tame compared to all the others that came before

Entitled and unbridled

But between you and me I know the truth

About what you two are getting ready to do

You want my cake and eat it to

Well the joke’s on you-

I already know tomorrow’s headlines-

He cheated and he lied

He’ll do the same to you


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