It's A Beautiful Day For Writing Outside

I went for a walk with my friend Jamie this morning. Now, I've decided to spend the day writing on my laptop outside while enjoying the amazing weather we are having in KC. The reason I haven't posted on my blog lately is because I've been working hard on Charles' adventures in book four. In this book Charles learns things about himself that he didn't know he was capable of accomplishing when he is placed in the role as a leader.   

DINOSAURS: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries

Today is opening day at The Museum at Prairiefire for their exhibit, DINOSAURS:Ancient fossils, New Discoveries!  I love dinosuars! If you are in Overland Park, Kansas definitely go see this amazing exhibit!

Out of the Blue at Powell Gardens

Powell Gardens currently has an exhibt called: Out of the Blue, which features Blue Morpho butterflies.

First Day of Spring

First day of spring!

On the Farm

The weather has been really nice in KC the last couple of days! I've been working hard on book four and I have made a lot of progress. I decided to take a break from writing this afternoon and do something fun! We were invited to my friend's farm. We took the children to her house and they had a lot of fun with all the animals and Debbie's grandchildren! Thanks Debbie. :)

Missouri Mavericks

I went with a friend to see the Missouri Mavericks play the Rapid City Rush tonight at the Independence Events Center.  After the game their fans were invited to stay and skate with the team.

West Central Missouri Music Educators Association

My husband and I went to the University of Central Missouri's Hendricks Hall to see my daughter sing in the 5th and 6th Grade Honor Choir Concert. There were twenty-seven schools from around Missouri that attended and the choir sang five songs. It was a great experience for her and her friends! I'm very proud of my daughter for continuing to sing in the choir. All of the children did a great job!

A Drive Around KC

My husband and I decided to go for a drive around the KC area. 

The first place we visited was Laugh-O-Gram Studio. This was where Walt Disney pioneered animation. it is also said to be where the inspiration for Mickey Mouse came about. However, its existence was short lived and unfortunately the building has fallen into disrepair. A non-profit group now owns it called, "Thank you, Walt Disney."

We also went to The Scout statue that overlooks KC. This statue by Cyrus E. Dallin is of a Sioux Indian on his horse scouting out KC. I believe a smaller replica of it was given to Seville, Spain in 1992.

We also took a picture of a couple of other statues in the heart of KC which are located in the Penn Valley Park. This is where the pioneers traveled west on the Santa Fe Trail as they passed through. One of the statues is the Pioneer Mother who is carrying Howard Vanderslice as an infant to Kansas City. Howard Vanderslice was a Kansas City businessman who donated land to the Kansas City Art Institute. The statue is by Alexander Phimister Proctor.

As we were driving we came across a few other things I thought were interesting, a strange statue on the sidewalk and a couple of murals.

Laugh-O-Gram Studios

KC Sites

American Jazz Museum and the Gem Theatre

Kansas City has a rich musical history. I decided that I wanted to find out more about the great jazz legends of the past. Today we decided to go to the American Jazz Museum and we also toured the Gem Theatre. While we were there I spoke with Mr. Christopher Burnett and I learned a lot about the Jazz Museum and the Gem Theatre which is located across the street. I appreciate Mr. Burnett taking the time to speak with me.

The American Jazz Museum was opened in 1997 and features an interesting collection of jazz artists artifacts: original sheet music, instruments, film, photography, album art, neon signs, etc. Some of the exhibits are permanent and some of them are on loan to the museum. I definitely recommend going if you are in KC to experience the museum. I understand that they even have live concerts, which I will return to see!

In 1912 the Star Theatre opened its doors and in 1913 its name was changed to the Gem Theatre. I believe it was built by the Shriner and Powellson Amusement Company for silent movies. In 1929 audio had been added to films. It was used for showing movies until around the late 1960's and now hosts live performances and community events in coordination with the American Jazz Museum. It received a renovation in 1997 and seats around 500. I was fortunate enough to be allowed permission to stand on the same stage as some of the greats! 

I took several pictures while we were in the Historic 18th & Vine Jazz District. Unfortunaltely today the weather was overcast outside, but I will post the pictures on the blog anyway.

One of the pictures I took was a picture of the bronze cast of Kansas City native Charlie "Bird" Parker's Memorial. It was really exciting for me to see this memorial because I also love to play the saxophone! 

I learned that March is Women In Jazz Month. You can go to the American Jazz Museum's website and read all about the exciting things that they have planned for both of these great places throughout the entire year!

American Jazz Museum

Gem Theater

Career Fair 2015

I was invited to present at a local elementary Career Fair for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. It was a lot of fun to spend the afternoon speaking with young authors! They asked a lot of very good questions. I hope I inspired them in their journey and encouraged them to let their unique voices be heard by following their dreams!

An Announcement

Thank you for visiting my website. Check back later today for the latest announcement!

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