KC Royals Are The American League Central Division Champions!

Congratulations KC Royals! The Royals are the American League Central Division Champions for the first time in 30 years! 


Way to go Mooooose! KC loves their Royals!  

The Addams Family

My husband and I went to see The Addams Family at the New Theatre Restaurant. I absolutely loved the performance! Bravo to the cast! Gotta love America's number one twisted gothic family! It was a spooktacular night out. Afterward I went home and decorated my house for Halloween. Bwahaha!

Top of the Rock Tour

While on our way home we took the Top of the Rock tour while driving an electric golf cart. The scenic nature trail has majestic views that overlook Table Rock Lake. The four-story Top of the Rock Lost Cavern Cave has a waterfall and cave bat bar for guests. Along the two-and-a-half mile trail we crossed a 140 foot Amish bridge, photographed waterfalls and natural rock formations.

Cosmic Cavern

We toured Cosmic Cavern with our tour guide named Mo. She told us about some of the hightlights of Arkansas' largest private-owned cave. The cave has several known underground lakes that have been explored by divers but they haven't determined how far down they'd have to go in order to reach the bottom. In the cave's water feature there are rare Ozark Blind Cave Salamanders. The ceiling of the cave has an inactive fault line. The newest section of the cave was discovered in 1993, they call it the Silent Splendor. This amazing find has been featured on CBS News and in newspapers all over the U.S. If you like spelunking you can make reservations to go on their Wild Cave Tour. If you like gems or fossils you can pan for gemstones or go on a fossil dig.

The 36th Annual Art Westport

This weekend Westport showcased some of Kansas City's most talented: artists, jewelers, potters, and so much more.

KC's Renaissance Festival

My husband and I went to the Highland Fling theme weekend at the Renaissance Festival. It was a lot of fun! They had: entertaining shows that drew large crowds, a zipline wizard flight school and rows of cottages filled with magical crafts. While we were there we met with some friends and I took lots of pictures to share on the blog.

Take A Train Ride Through the Ozarks

While you are in Eureka Springs be sure to take a train ride through the beautiful Ozarks. Afterward you can explore the train yard located at the depot.

Crescent Hotel

Saturday night we decided to take a ghost tour of the haunted Crescent Hotel. Whether you believe in ghosts or not the tour was well worth it! We learned a lot about the history of the hotel and Eureka Springs from our tour guide Lady Catherine.  She did a great job informing us about the hotel's history and some of the hotel's paranormal guests. The haunted hotel has been featured on popular TV shows: Ghost Hunters, My Ghost Story and Monumental Mysteries. The tour guides encourage pictures to be taken while on their tour. If you are interested you can visit the Crescent Hotel's Facebook page and see pictures that guests of the hotel have taken. We did not capture any orbs or images while on our tour. However, I am fortunate to have permission to share the incredible images that Robert and his friend photographed while on a previous visit to the hotel.

Pictures from my friends.

Volkswagens On Parade

On Saturday we saw the VWs that were on parade through the town of Eureka Springs. There were hundreds of bugs that day!

Weekend In Eureka Springs

My husband and I went to Eureka Srings Arkansas over the weekend. We had an enjoyable stay at the Lookout Lodge. I highly recommend staying there if you travel to the Ozarks.

While we were there we toured the town on the trolley transit system.  We visited all the shops in their historic downtown.

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