Da Vinci at Union Station

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci was born April 15, 1452 in Italy. He was a visionary that was born ahead of his time. I enjoyed learning more about his life and his accomplishments.  His creations are absolutely incredible!

KC Royals Parade

KC was excited that their boys in blue won the World Series and Royals fans came out to show their support for their team! Later on in the week the "W" guy was spotted at Rally House.

KC Royals Are The World Series Champions!

Congratulations KC Royals!

KC Royals Are In The Worlds Series!

Go KC Royals! 

Royals Win!

KC Royals win! 

Shining Light Music

We had an emergency today when my daughter was playing her saxophone and discovered that the B key on her saxophone had stuck. I called Shining Light Music located in historic downtown Lee's Summit. I spoke with Don an instructor and technician and he asked me to bring her saxophone to the store. When we arrived he not only helped us with my daughter's saxophone but he gave us a tour of their instrument repair shop and gave us some important tips about how to care for our instruments. When we left my daughter had a smile on her face because she would have her saxophone at school tomorrow. Thank you Shining Light Music we are very happy customers! We definately will be back to your store for all of our music needs! 

129 SE 3rd St. Lee's Summit , MO 64063

Art Festivals In The Month Of October

The month of October has been filled with art festivals around the Kansas City area.  It has been fun to go to some of them and explore.

Watching the Royals

Let's go Royals!

Shamrocks and Shenanigans

This weekend I went to the Renaissance Festival. The theme was Shamrocks and Shenanigans.

I met the owner of Dr. Oddworld, Andrew Wilson. He creates custom Steampunk hats. When I asked him about his creations he told me that he begins with an idea and then he searches for the unique accessories to complete the original design. When he looks for the timeperiod items he looks for unusual trinkets and working objects. Some of the hats he had on display featured musical instruments and working lights. As he is inventing the hat he makes certain the hat remains balanced and he puts an adjustable insert inside the hat to make sure each hat correctly fits its owner. Each custom hat takes approximately 30 hours to finish.

If you are interested in a custom Steampunk hat you can go to his website: www.DrOddWorld.com. Or you can email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Supermoon and Lunar Eclipse

I'm watching the supermoon and lunar eclipse from my front yard. It won't happen again until 2033. Watch it live on NASA's website!

Witches, Wizards and Santas

My husband and I, while at the Renaissance Festival, explored every cottage that we came upon in the royal kingdom. The unusual finds were the most fun. I spoke with several of the mastercrafters and came home with amazing things.

One of the most interesting and magical finds I came across was meant to be a Christmas gift from my mom. She had given me money to buy something at the festival that would be my Christmas present this year. I had thought I might go home with a Santa to add to my collection but instead I fell in love with a wizard dressed in white. It was created by Judy Kaster at cottage 154, Witches, Wizards and Santas. I was mesmerized by her creations and I wasn't leaving without that particular wizard that had caught my eye.  

When we first met Judy she was sitting in the window of her cottage. In front of her she had the polymer clay that she works with to create her original sculptures. As we began talking she shared with with us how she creates her unusual creations and some funny stories that had happened while working over the years in her cottage. Each of Judy's creations are special to her for different reasons. She always gets a little sad to see them leave the cottage but she knows they are going to good homes and they will be enjoyed for years to come.

When I asked Judy to let me take a picture of her with one of her creations she chose a Santa with a Volkswagen van. I had to laugh because that was just perfect for the blog since we had just returned from Eureka Springs where they had the VW parade. She shared that at one time she had owned a van very similar to the one she had used to go along with the Santa. That's how our conversation went, it full of all kinds of interesting coincidences.

If you go to the Renaissance Festival be sure to visit Judy at her cottage. You never know, you might find something magical to take home with you.

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