Right Wing Healed!

I went to the orthopedic surgeon today and the X-rays showed that the Colles fracture on my right wrist is almost completely healed. The best news was that there is no surgery required! To the doctor's surprise I was actually a good patient! I go back in four weeks to make sure I do not do any more damage to it. We have a bet going. I'm gonna win. The cast is finally off. I am free and I can finally fly! :)

National Puppy Day

One of my favorite days! 


Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Fun Day At UCM

Today my entire family spent the day on the campus of UCM.

My children participated in Bowling With Bunny and then we went to the author book signing for The Children's Literature Festival. I was surprised at how many authors were there today! It was a great turn out of fans! We bought lots of books and met many creative authors. My children loved it! They have already started reading some of the series they bought today from: Antony John, Obert Skye, Michael P. Spradlin, Roland Smith, and Mary Downing Hahn (who wasn't there but we love her work) and several others that I am sure they will read very soon.

Some of the other authors that were there were: Mary Casanova, Kelly Milner Halls, Charyl Harness, Marie Smith, R.W. and Zoe Alley, William Anderson, Susan Campbell Bartoletti, Claire Caterer, J.B. Cheaney, Sneed Collard, Chris Crutcher, Mike Graf, David Harrison, Ard Hoyt, Brian Katcher, Kate McMullan, Kate Milford, Claudia Mills, Dorinda Nicholson, Marie Smith, Brad Sneed, Michael Spradlin, Roderick Townley, Vivian Vande Velde, Deborah Wiles, June Rae Wood and Leslie Wyatt.

Today Is All Sunshine and Puppies

I say that all the time, it happens to be one of my favorite sayings, but today it really was all sunshine and puppies at our house! We have two new additions to our family. As soon as I saw them I fell in love with them and had to bring them both home! Their names are Jewels and Jillian. They are just the sweetest most adorable Havanese puppies I have ever seen. Both of them are loved and very much spoiled! It is a bonus they get along so well with Scout. My children are excited that they are going to be working with them in puppy training classes.

Who Knew?

I have skated a hundred times in my lifetime. I'm really very good at it, or at least I was until I fell while skating with my children last weekend.

I went to the orthopedic surgeon today. After having x-rays, his diagnosis was that I have a Colles' fracture of my right wrist. Then the doctor told me that I will have to have a cast. So I decided that I had to celebrate and have a royal blue cast to commemorate the KC Royals signing Slavador Perez to a five-year contract.

It has been very awkward at times since I am right handed. However, I'm managing better than I had imagined I might. My injury hasn't stopped me from doing the things I want to do. No worries, I am still writing every day.

Career Day 2016

I'm very excited to be invited to speak at several local schools about what it is like to be an author and business owner.

Go Karts

We recently got two 49CC Baja off road go karts. My husband made a very large track for our family and friends to drive them around on. They have been a lot of fun!


Today is my grandma's 95th birthday! We can't wait to celebrate with her tonight. It's going to be so much fun for our family to get together! Happy Birthday Grandma! You are loved!


Recently I sat down at my desk to try to post something on my blog about my best friend of 16 years. Everytime I began typing, all of the special moments that we shared with her as part of our family kept coming to mind and I had to stop. I've finally decided that this is something I have to do. I am going to post a tribute to her even though it won't do justice to the time that we spent together.  

Several weeks ago my sweet Shiba Inu left my side. She came to me when she was a puppy and was loved from that day on. Madison was the sweetest companion anyone could ask for. She was a part of everything we did as a family. She had such a large personality and enjoyed making us laugh. She was loving, loyal, smart and had a sense of humor that is rare. When I would tell my children stories she listened attentively to each one of them even if they didn't. Madison loved the outdoors and was happy to go on walks beside us. She and Scout were best friends from the time they first met and were always together. It is hard to believe that she is not with us any more. Madison you are missed by our entire family. We couldn't have asked for a better friend.

Kansas City Is Seeing Red

KC is a sea of red today! Football fans are anxiously awaiting the game in New England. Go Chiefs!

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