iFly Indoor Skydiving In KC

iFly Indoor Skydiving In KC-

This was the first time I have ever been to iFly. I went with my family and friends.

Our instructor at iFly was Paul Decker. He was a great instructor! The class was very informative and he took the time to go over everything we needed to know before we left the room. Once we got in the air tunnel we knew what to expect and what to do.

I had an absolutely incredible experience! It was like nothing I have ever done before. To be able to actually fly to the top of the tunnel was like a dream come true and I can't wait to go again!

Jack's Fork Campground

Jack's Fork Campground-

Trail Walks

Trail Walks-

History Was Made Tonight

History was made tonight! 

Ancient Ozark Natural History Museum

When we go to Big Cedar Lodge we always stop at Top of the Rock. I never get tired of it. This time our chidlren wanted to explore the natural history museum. I am so glad we did. This is a beautiful museum and the employees are so nice and thoughtful. I was impressed by all of the Native American artifacts! If you are ever visiting the Ozarks I highly recommend spending time at this amazing museum! We spent hours there and we didn't make it through all of it. I understand they will be adding on to it in the near future.

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

While on vacation we decided to go to Dogwood Canyon. This was our first visit here. I am a fan of Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet and we watched the episode where Pete and his crew built the treehouse in the park. I could not wait to see it and I was very excited to take the tour! I was not disappointed by his tree creation. I want one! The treehouse is perfect! My children had a blast! What we were able to see of the grounds was lovely. Unfortunately though we were not able to tour the nature park. When we arrived we went to buy tickets and were told by the employee that ALL of the tram tours were completely sold out! UGH. She recomended we buy tickets on line the next time. The children were so upset! To make matters worse the trams that were leaving the station were NOT full which made it difficult to explain to the children why we were not able to explore when we had come all that way to see the attractions. I'd like to go back and try again but I'm not sure my family will want to try again.

Big Cedar Lodge Vacation

My family vacationed at the Big Cedar Lodge over Memorial Day weekend. We absolutely love this beautiful resort! Table Rock lake in the Ozarks is one of our favorite places to visit every year.

Critters of Summer

These are a few of the critters I have come across this summer.

Railroad Days in Pleasant Hill

It was a beautiful day to go check out what was going on at Railroad Days in Pleasant Hill.

Let's Go KC Royals!

Let's go KC Royals! We are so excited to watch the home opener game tonight! LOVE the new uniforms with our guys in gold!

We love baseball at our house! My children and their friends in our neighborhood celebrated the Royals home opener game by playing baseball in our yard. I was hoping to have our new Jugs pitching machine by today for their game but it won't arrive until tomorrow.

Thank you Aunt Patty for the pictures! 

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