Congratulations To Ned and The Royals

Congratulations Ned Yost on winning 1,000 games as a baseball manager!

Way to go Royals on your incredible win tonight! 

Harvest Moon

Tonight is a good night to step outside and enjoy the harvest full moon. 

Never Forget

I'll never forget what I was doing that dreadful day 15 years ago when I heard the news about what was happening. A coworker of mine had heard the report on her car radio while stuck in traffic. When she arrived at work she immediately came to find me and tell me what was going on. Many of us at work that day felt helpless as the events continued to unfold throughout the day. We did the only thing we could do in our time of sadness. We joined together with our coworkers and lifted up those that had been affected by praying for them.

In the days, weeks and months that followed we as Americans felt a solidarity that bonded all of us together. We must never forget the terrible tragedy that brought us all together as Americans. As time goes by we are called on to remember that love and peace is always better than hatred or war.

Today we once again lift up in prayer those that lost loved ones, those that were injured as well as those individuals that selflessly helped others. I personally will also be praying for those around the world that have felt the terrible and unconscionable sting of tragedy in their country.  

Both The Chiefs and The Royals Win!

What a night! The Chiefs and the Royals both win!

A Royal Win!

Royals win on the road! Way to go to our boys of summer! KC fans are anxiously awaiting for you to come home for eight games in a row. 

Seeing Red! Red Friday Celebrated Plaza Style!

It was a sea of red on the plaza this Friday in support of our Kansas City Chiefs first game this weekend! We will play the Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium. The flags were flying, the fountains were red and the characters donned Chief's jerseys. Go KC Chiefs!

Huzzah! A Fun Day Spent At the Renaissance Festival

Today was a sunny day for the Renaissance Festival to take place in Bonner Springs, Kansas. This is one of my favorite festivals to attend. I love seeing all the creative costumes, attending the shows and browsing in the midieval shops. Every year there is something magical happening!

September Is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Am I Seeing Double?

It's a KC Double Decker Tour Bus on the streets of Kansas City getting ready to pick up passengers!

Cloud 9 Ranch

Cloud 9 Ranch

Sunburst Ranch

Sunburst Ranch Float Trip-

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