Return of the Clonsayee

Return of the Clonsayee - Book 2

The novel Return of the Clonsayee is the second book in The Xidoran Prophecy series. It spans Charles’ entire high school years. The story picks up where the first book leaves off. It continues on with Charles’ everyday life on the Jones’ farm as an ordinary teen, and weaves in his exploration of other unusual and extraordinary worlds.

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Book 3 - Coming Soon

The Xidoran Prophecy series continues with book 3.  I'm working on Charles' next adventure.
Elaine Bassett

Inspiration Behind Return of the Clonsayee

The Return of the Clonsayee, the second ebook installment in The Xidoran Prophecy series, will be available soon on the websites posted on my webpage. Your continued loyalty and interest in the series is appreciated! Thank you.

The inspiration for writing Return of the Clonsayee began with extraordinary creatures that I daydreamed and dreamt about as I was growing up. Many of the creatures Charles meets on his adventures throughout the series were created in my young imagination. Some of my first drawings and stories became the catalyst I needed to create the amazing animals Charles finds throughout The Xidoran Prophecy series.

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The Xidoran Prophecy

The Xidoran Prophecy

In The Xidoran Prophecy story, Charles Brookfield discovers what it is like going from just an ordinary rural farm boy to being thrust into the role as a legacy of a secret society of time travelers. Unbeknownst to Charles, a forgotten prophecy foretold over a century ago about the overtaking of the entire universe begins to come to light. As the details of the sorcerer's prophecy begin to unfold a race against unknown magical forces could possibly affect the future of the entire universe.

The first book in The Xidoran Prophecy series has been released and is available to purchase.  See the Where to Buy section of this website to find out where to get your own copy of The Xidoran Prophecy.

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